Practice Areas

In addition to the following practice areas, I am happy to offer Independent Legal Advice on 3rd party records Applications and Criminal Law Coaching. Contact me to find out how I can assist you.

Bail Court

Pre-trial release is an important step in the criminal justice process.  I understand liberty is something that ought not to be taken lightly.  I have extensive experience in bail court including both defence and Crown work and strongly believe in the presumption of innocence, the right to reasonable bail and bail conditions that reflect the allegations instead of being used punitively. 

Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence allegations affect the alleged accused and the alleged victim.  Sometimes policy can cloud common sense decision making in domestic charges before the court.  I have experience handling domestic allegations as both defence and Crown.  I can help if you are accused of domestic allegations or if you need independent legal advice as a victim/complainant. 

First Nations

Canadian First Nations populations are over-represented in the criminal justice system and the rates of incarceration.  Section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code states that in sentencing, all alternatives other than incarceration shall be considered.  The Supreme Court of Canada decisions in R. v. Gladue and R. v. Ipeelee provide guidance to lower courts regarding the unique considerations at play when First Nations people are before the court. 

Breaches of Court Orders

It is well publicized that there are significant delays in the criminal justice system.  I believe that much of this delay is attributed to "technical breaches" of court orders.  Failing to report to probation, failing to report an address change, failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour are over-charged and waste valuable court resources.